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Topics: Dental Practice Trends, Budgeting, Wealth Management, Business Operations & Insurance

For over 30 years Dr. Mary Smith has committed her talent and insight to the dental community in Spokane, Washington. Her leadership and professional reputation is a catalyst for progressive dentistry. She is a spokesperson for various dental organizations including the American Dental Association and the Spokane District Dental Society.

Upon graduation from the University of Minnesota, Smith quickly established herself as a leader in restorative and preventive dental care. She has been the team dentist for the Spokane Chiefs since 1982. Recognized by her dental peers, Smith is the recipient of numerous honors. Most notably, her distinctions include the Washington State Dental Association President’s Award, the ADA’s Geriatric Oral Care Award and the Western Hockey League’s Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Smith has served as president of the Washington State Dental Association and the Washington Academy of General Dentistry. She is a fellow in the Academy of Sports Dentistry, the American College of Dentistry, the International College of Dentistry and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. After representing the 11th District on the American Dental Association Board of Trustees, Dr. Smith enrolled at Gonzaga University. She completed an MBA in Health Care Management in May 2013.

Dr. Mary Smith continues to an instrumental voice in dental education. She speaks nationally to dental students on dental practice trends, budgeting, wealth management, and business operations. Other lecture appearances include Sports Trauma, HIPAA: Facts or Fiction, and Leadership. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Smith is a part time faculty member with the RIDE program at the Spokane Riverpoint campus. She is responsible for coordinating the 4th year clinical rotations in community health clinics throughout Eastern Washington. She organizes courses to introduce the first year students to community health clinics, sports dentistry and the dental specialties.

Topics, Presentations & Workshops:

A New Era

The future holds many opportunities and challenges. Explore these patient and practice trends with our speakers.

With the increasing importance of understanding the oral systemic relationship of disease process, our team will explore the techniques to educate patients, develop treatment philosophies for the team to implement, and marketing strategies to move your practice into the future.

Insurance: Covert Ops

Definition of Covert: made, shown, or done in a way that is not easily seen or noticed : secret or hidden

Many of us have experienced the convoluted world of Dental Insurance. What are the differences in plans, benefit language, and the list goes on...

We will discuss the basics of Insurance/prepaid plans. What are some options? How do we make this work?

Use this background information as we tackle coding dilemmas in the "Cracking the Code" Workshop.

Cracking the Code: Workshop

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, using the current CDT (Current Dental Terminology) code was required for all electronic claim transactions. Learn the make-up of the existing codes and the proper use of the different categories. This course will provide an overview of new codes (CDT 2017), deleted codes and code changes. In addition, the codes for implants and implant procedures will be fully explained. Bring your questions and current CDT manuals. let’s crack this code!

Join Dr. Smith as she answers questions about insurance billing issues and how to code properly.

1. Understand the Insurance process.

2. Become more familiar with the use of current codes.

3. Learn to determine proper coding for various scenarios.



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