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Topics: Leadership, Team Building, Holistic & Wellness Training

Laura Brihn MSN ANP-HNP, RN has been in various areas of the nursing profession for over 15 years. Early in her career, Laura specialized in Neurology and Epilepsy and has spanned the continuum of her practice with pediatric patients to the geriatric population. Her career began with bedside nursing and has transitioned into research and leadership over the last 10 years. Laura has a dual Master’s Degree in Nursing from NYU in Adult Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Nurse Practitioner specialties.

Mrs. Brihn has collaborated with some of the greatest minds in Nursing and Medicine and has gained extensive experience working at such esteemed institutions as United Hospital (St. Paul, MN), Stanford University Medical Center (Palo Alto, CA), University of California San Francisco Medical Center, and is currently a Nurse Leader at New York Presbyterian Medical Center.

Most recently, she has fully designed the curriculum and educated the entire leadership team of New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital in Transformational Leadership methods and how to implement them successfully within an organization. Her education is specifically tailored to work with all leadership styles and inspire those leaders to motivate and engage themselves and their staff to reach their greatest potential. Laura believes that given the appropriate training and resources, true leaders can emerge and great innovation can be realized.

Her experience with Holistic Nursing brings forth cutting edge modalities aimed at attaining the balance of mind, body, and spirit to patients as well as to staff. She organizes wellness events and trainings geared specifically to leadership and staff members to promote optimum self-care.

Laura is a visionary leader poised in positivity with a passion for educating and igniting today’s leaders with a holistic approach.

Topics & Presentations:

Transformational Leadership

Promoting the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit into your work: A Holistic Approach

Leading through change: How to effectively lead through change.

Working with Millenials: Understanding the Next Generation of Staff Workers  (with Dr. Mary Smith & Hillary Becchetti)


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